Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I think the Cam23 programme has definitely taught me a great deal and enabled me to gain a vast amount of potentially useful information. I would have liked to have had the time to investigate each Thing a little further but I'm hoping that I can revisit the Things that I found most useful at a later stage and look at how they can be introduced into the Education Library.


I did quite like this Thing, not so much for personal use because I don't spend enough time on the Internet to make it worthwhile, but for my Library, I definitely think it has potential.

I like the idea of having a page full of useful websites and think it's something worth investigating further. We've been working on creating interactive reading lists on CamTools for a few of our courses and in amongst these are always a list of useful website - perhaps each course could have their own Delicious page....

Friday, 6 August 2010


I liked this and think it is the first really useful 'Thing' for libraries. It has great potential to be extremely useful to readers especially those who are distance learners. Libraries can create slides for all presentations from a brief intro to the Service and searching the OPAC to more in-depth literature searching on databases. I definitely think this is something we should look into in my Library as we have a lot of users who are based some distance away from Cambridge and may find a presentation refresher really useful.

Phil Bradley's presentation, Web 2.0 Tools, contains some really useful ideas for libraries and is definitely worth a look. I don't have any of my own work to share right now but perhaps after looking more closely into this 'Thing' I will have soon!

Click, click, Flickr

I liked Flickr, it was good fun looking at various photos. I searched for my home town, St Neots and found some really nice photos of the river (courtesy of Harriseye).

I think the photos could definitely be used in Library guides, posters and promotional documents and maybe even for a Virtual Tour of the Library.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Even further behind on Cam23 now but I'm going to try and catch up before the deadline!

Ok, tags, can see the point but I'm not too sure about everyone using their own random words to describe their content. I'm not suggesting blogging sites should have their own Subject Headings but this lack of organisation is anarchy to me!!!

I'm even less sure about tags being used in OPACs. If you are conducting a thorough literature review, you have to be sure that you are retrieving all relevant records so systematic labels/subject headings are vital.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Mmmm, Twitter, something I have always avoided until now. Who really wants to read about what people had for breakfast, lunch and dinner....

Not yet used it, so you never know, I may change my mind.

Ok, have finally set up Twitter and am following a few people. I have to say, I can't really see myself returning to this site as there is a risk of getting absorbed in other 'tweeple.'

I can partly see why Libraries are using this but it is reliant on users opting to follow you. It definitely couldn't be used as the only way of communicating with the reader population.

Google Calendar

Have got really behind on the whole Cam23 programme after a weeks holiday so am now frantically trying to catch up!

Much like Doodle, Google Calendar was easy to set up and add to my iGoogle page. Can see the uses for this in a Library context too, especially for a central library such as the UL to clearly advertise what is going on.

We're going to try using the calendar on CamTools for Academic Staff to schedule their library induction sessions but this would be a good alternative if that's not successful.